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Get Auto Glass Crack & Chip Repairs in Kingston

Discount Auto Glass always tries to repair your existing windshield and windows before deciding on replacement in order to save you time and money. No matter what kind of crack or chip your auto glass has, don’t wait to get it fixed. Bring your vehicle to our experts for an inspection. We will give you a quick diagnosis of the crack or chip damage. There’s no need for an appointment, and the inspection is free.

Windshield damage on the driver side

Keep cracks and chips from spreading on your windshield

The Benefits of Quick Crack & Chip Repair

By repairing the cracks and chips of your auto glass immediately, you keep these auto glass blemishes from spreading. A chip can’t be rendered completely invisible, but it makes visibility clearer and improves safety. Chips can also grow into cracks unexpectedly, which could hinder your visibility while driving. Getting chips and cracks repaired quickly is more than a cosmetic improvement, but a safety one.

How Can You Tell if Your Windshield Is Repairable?

A few factors can determine whether or not your windshield is repairable. These factors include:

    • Size of the crack
    • Location of the impact point (must be at least 4 cm from the edge of the windshield)
    • Impact point is not in the driver’s field of vision (an area 30 cm wide above the middle of the steering wheel)

Avoid Expensive Auto Glass Replacement

If left unattended, a chip or crack can grow, causing more damage and leading to the need for replacement, which can be expensive. Every year, thousands of vehicles sustain windshield damage from flying debris. Ignoring chips and cracks can lead to more severe damage that reduces the value of your vehicle and usually requires a replacement. Replacing a windshield costs much more than simply fixing it. In fact, your insurance company can pay for a crack or chip repair and, in most cases, your deductible is waived and your premiums remain unaffected because it is a comprehensive claim.