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Windshield Replacement in Kingston – Ensure Your Vehicle’s Safety

While performing windshield repairs is the ideal course of action, sometimes damage is too severe for a quick fix. This means that your whole windshield may have to be replaced.

Worker replacing windshield on a car

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A Secure Installation for Your Auto Glass

Since windshields and windows are designed for your vehicle’s number one safety restraint, Discount Auto Glass guarantees a secure installation every time. Our auto glass experts promise an installation that is not only leak-free, but provides the protection you need during severe vehicle collisions and rollovers.

Quality Control

When it comes to your auto glass repairs and replacements, Discount Auto Glass follows strict quality measures during each project:

  • All windshields or black glass are replaced with a product that follows the original equipment manufacturer’s standards
  • Only high-quality products are used
  • Technicians are well-trained and equipped to take care of your vehicle

Safety & Your Windshield

At Discount Auto Glass, we offer professional windshield and window replacements. The windshield is a vital part of your vehicle’s safety system and must be properly installed when replaced. That’s why you can trust our glass technicians to have the experience and training to get your windshield replacement done right the first time.

The windshield provides structural support for today’s vehicles, protecting you from the elements as well as supporting the roof in the event of a rollover. A windshield is also important for the deployment of the passenger-side airbag when it inflates.