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Window & Windshield Tinting for Kingston Vehicles

In addition to our auto glass repairs and replacement services, Discount Auto Glass provides window tinting. Window tinting protects your vehicle’s interior from ultraviolet rays. It’s a window film that is installed on the interior side of the glass, changing the look of your vehicle.

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Try tinting for your vehicle's windows

Why Tint Your Windows?

Here are some of many reasons why you should tint your windows:

Reduces Glare & Driver Fatigue

Tinting your windows helps reduce up to 95% of glare, taking the strain out of driving.

Enhances the Look of Your Vehicle

Tinting your windows also provides an enhanced aesthetic appeal, giving a uniform appearance to your vehicle.

Blocks UV Rays

Not only does tinting reduce glare, but the film screens out up to 99% of the sun’s invisible ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Reduces Interior Fading

Solar heat and UV rays can cause your vehicle’s interior trim, upholstery, and carpeting to fade. Tinting can block a significant amount of solar energy and ultraviolet radiation, slowing down your vehicle’s aging process. Additionally, the reduced heat keeps plastic trim parts from cracking. Tinting keeps your vehicle looking new longer.

Increases Safety

Automotive glass is tempered and when broken breaks into hundreds of little pieces. With a window film, like tinting, these shards of glass are held together, and reduce the possibility of human injury and interior damage during an accident.